Could Integrity Testing reduce WC Claims?

The best workers’ comp claim is the one that never happened.

Generally speaking, workers’ compensation is designed to protect an employee who is injured or harmed due to job-related duties. This could be anything from a back injury to an illness. When this is genuine, we appreciate the support both financial and medical in getting the worker back to their job as quickly as possible.

But, what about those claims we know are not genuine? As an employer they are frustrating ...

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Changes to WHS Laws in NSW

On 4 June 2020, a bill to amend the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 (NSW) was passed in NSW Parliament and will start on the day it receives assent. A significant change relates to the Penalty system and is outlined below.

A Category 1 offence will now include “gross negligence” as an alternative to reckless conduct which will capture anyone engaging in conduct that exposes someone to the risk of death or serious harm.

Changes to Penalties

The change includes the introduction ...

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Healthy Habits Working From Home

I would like to thank Scott Henderson from CEO – BSI Learning Institute for being a contributor to this blog and allowing us to use what he shared with his team today. 

BSI Learning is committed to delivering a learning experience that produces beneficial change for both your people and your organisation. For more information about BSI Learning – click here.

Make Sure You Are Looking After Yourself

Putting my psychology hat on for a moment (and stealing from The ...

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Managing Remote Workers

With a significant number of the workforce now working in some sort of flexible role due to Covid-19 we thought it would be beneficial to discuss how you can effectively manage and communicate with your workforce during this challenging time.

Lets break it down and keep it simple:

  1. Treat them like they are in the office. Give your team as much access to you as possible. If we don’t have that access we can feel disconnected. Respond to them as quickly as possible.
  2. Communicate Regularly.  ...
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FAQs for Employers during Covid-19

COVID-19 raises significant challenges for most businesses in Australia. Companies around the globe face the task of operating their businesses – and protecting employees – amid the pandemic.

We have been fielding a steady stream of calls from all our Clients asking questions about the management and legal implications of the virus and how it is impacting their workplace.

We are not health specialists and obviously cannot provide medical information about COVID-19. That information is available from several credible sources:

World Health ...

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Annual Leave and Loading

All employees, except casual employees, are entitled to a minimum of four weeks annual leave, for each year they work.

Annual leave accrues on a pro-rata basis and you don’t have to work a full year before you are entitled to take your annual leave. For example, if you work half a year without taking any leave, you will have accrued and be entitled to half your annual leave.

Some awards, enterprise agreements or contracts of employment provide for more than four ...

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