A New Look for Human Resources in Macarthur

We’ve made some changes and freshened our look.

Check out the new logo and website.

Our new look is in line with our commitment to continue delivering simple, uncomplicated service to all our clients where we keep it simple.

We also wanted to tell a story that it’s abut change and thinking differently which is what MacPac HR is all about.

So give us your feedback ands remain tuned in – we have more to come.



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Emotional Intelligence

Introducing three brand new and highly practical courses that use real experiences to explore Emotional Intelligence.

Difficult People – And How to Deal With Them

This module explains the emotional reactions that cause us to find some people ‘difficult’. Participants will:

  1. Increase awareness of their emotional reaction to other people’s behaviour;
  2. Identify some options for dealing with their emotional reactions to ‘difficult’ behaviour.


Managing Emotions

In this module, packed full of practical help, participants will:

  1. Identify the management of emotions as a skill of emotional intelligence.
  2. Increase their ...
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