Macarthur Women in Leadership

At MacPac HR we are inspired to make a significant contribution in developing the leadership skills and capabilities of women across South West Sydney.

Women everywhere should have access to high quality programs that have such an impact they it inspires them to reach for the stars and access all the opportunities that are available to them.

This program is designed for:

Women who are currently in leadership roles, or aspire to become a highly effective leader in their workplace, the community or other groups and teams which they are involved with.

 What you can expect:

Is to focus on key areas that will enhance and develop your leadership skills and build confidence.

Being a positive influence and role model for others, enhance your communication skills, creating a strong, confident personal brand, being aware of, and controlling your emotions and understanding the role of social media and how it can be used to your advantage.

The program:

  • Is limited to a small number of participants to enable more dynamic learning and interactions;
  • Meets over 6 nights – starting on Thursday, 13th October 2016 after work (6pm – 9pm) enabling a short but intensive workshop.
  • Enables networking and meeting like-minded women in the local area.

Contact us for more information on or call us on (02) 8060 8561.

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