Recruit Better than Yourself!

BBC News asked some Chief Executives about the advice they wish they’d received when starting out and this revealed a few of their secrets for success.

However, it is the advice when it comes to recruiting that is interesting.

Harriet Green, the former CEO of Thomas Cook said: “Always surround yourself with people who are better than you. Whatever it is that you are not – surround yourself with them.”

There is no doubt that taking time to recruit well is essential to the success of any organisation.  Yes, it can be time consuming but then again, think about the amount of time and effort that goes into purchasing a new printer for your organisation.  More times than not, we will spend more time and effort on purchasing a piece of technology that will cost us a fraction of what a new employee will cost. It doesn’t make sense.

Richard Reed, a Founder of Innocent Drinks, said it is essential to employ those “who have got the same values as you, but different skills.” This is crucial.  Your employees help build and represent your brand.  They also create the company culture.  So early efforts in planning the recruitment process will help you create a process that selects the right people against your specific criteria.

Some managers are simply intimidated by the prospect of an employee who is in some way more capable or knowledgeable than them. They perceive the talented candidate as a threat. This type of thinking can have a detrimental impact on a business.

When managers take responsibility for their actions, opportunities for improvement and growth present themselves. Instead of being insecure about their own job when hiring someone more capable or knowledgeable, these managers should embrace the chance to collaborate with an individual who has a brilliant, yet different perspective.

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