Macarthur Women in Leadership

At MacPac HR we are inspired to make a significant contribution in developing the leadership skills and capabilities of women across South West Sydney.

Women everywhere should have access to high quality programs that have such an impact they it inspires them to reach for the stars and access all the opportunities that are available to them.

This program is designed for:

Women who are currently in leadership roles, or aspire to become a highly effective leader in their workplace, the community or other groups and teams ...

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Treat me with Dignity and Respect – please!

We talk about the workplace often in terms of how we want to be treated while at work. Many organisations say that on the top of the list is treating people with dignity and respect.  But when push comes to shove – it would appear that this goes out the window in the face of making decisions and taking action.

As an employee, we know when we have respect and when we don’t – and it links directly to the level of engagement we have ...

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A New Look for Human Resources in Macarthur

We’ve made some changes and freshened our look.

Check out the new logo and website.

Our new look is in line with our commitment to continue delivering simple, uncomplicated service to all our clients where we keep it simple.

We also wanted to tell a story that it’s abut change and thinking differently which is what MacPac HR is all about.

So give us your feedback ands remain tuned in – we have more to come.



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