Women In Leadership

Our Women in Leadership program is ideal for the high potential female who is looking develop both personally and their overall leadership skills.

Find out what holds women back – you will be surprised ( or not)!

Discussions are facilitated by women who have worked in corporate leadership roles and delivered senior leadership programs across various industries.


Program Deliverables

  • Provides educational and development opportunities to women who seek to advance as leaders and expand their knowledge of the diverse dynamics, issues, challenges, and opportunities that impact their work and personal lives.
  • Offers interactive learning opportunities, one-of-a-kind experiences, and unique introductions to like-minded women.
  • Optimises engagement with subject-matter experts across a broad spectrum of industry and personal background
  • Facilitates discussions of leadership competencies and best practices
  • Creates a supportive environment among like-minded who gladly share what they know and value as well as what they need to know and want to understand
  • Brings together a broad diversity of women leaders who may not otherwise meet to form better understanding, long-lasting relationships, an influential network, and collaborative opportunities.

If you want to enhance knowledge, expand your sphere of influence and prepare you further for more challenging leadership roles then contact us now.

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