Why your employees are your best asset!

So, from the heading, it’s obvious I believe employees are an essential – no – critical part of any business success.

So here’s why I believe they are your greatest asset and this is based on my experiences in small, medium and large organisations.

First and foremost, they are your main link to your customer.  They can and should be able to identify your customers’ needs and potential trends as well as address any issues proactively and make suggestions on improvements based on their experiences.

Your team are the ones that know their jobs and how the organisation works from the ground up.  In a medium to large sized organisation, there is no way that management can possibly know what is happening day in – day out without asking for that information and seeking their input.

The team is valuable in identifying any trouble spots with processes and coming up with new ideas on how to resolve these.  They can offer suggestions and actively participate in a collaborative way to diagnose when things are not working as effectively as you would like. Not bringing problems to your door – but solutions as well.

They are your biggest brand ambassador.  What will keep customers coming back is the service and relationship they get from your team.  We all have competitors!  What keeps people coming back is the service (and yes the product) but if they don’t like the way they are being treated, they will go to a competitor.  This is the responsibility of your staff.

Employees and in particular new ones, can often breathe fresh life, initiatives and new ideas into an organisation.  Just because something has “always been done that way” doesn’t mean it’s the right or most effective way or that we shouldn’t be open to looking at change. We should utilise that energy and enthusiasm and empower individuals to feel comfortable in providing feedback.

The bottom line though – as an old boss once used to say – “without your staff, a company is just you and a piece of paper”.  You need your staff to achieve your objectives and to work with and through them to make things happen.

Creating a strong and engaging organisation whilst achieving business success develops a strong brand that along with your product or service will attract talent to your front door.  People will want to work with you and for you.  Engaged and committed are words we overuse, but will ensure a high-performance environment can be achieved.

Take care of your staff – and the rest will take care of itself – they are your most important asset.

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